Family life can be difficult and sometimes we can get into patterns with each other that we don’t like.  Although we may love each other it can get harder and harder to communicate, and pain and unhappiness grows where we least want it.  In these situations, solutions can often be found with the help of a family or couple therapist. Family therapists are trained to help people communicate their feelings and needs without the hurt that can build up when we feel misunderstood.  Family therapists do not judge - they too all live in families and know how tough it can be at times.  

Although working with whole families is often the most effective way of resolving problems in the shortest time possible, we also work with parents alone, young people along (in combination with sessions with parents), and sometimes one parent with a child or young person. Often combinations of different types of sessions are useful.

Young People

Most people hit really tough patches at some point in their lives – often when young.  When we recognise that something isn't right because of how we feel or what we are doing, or because people around us are concerned, it can really help to talk it through with someone who is not a friend or a family member in a ‘talking therapy.’ A therapist has experience of talking with young people who are struggling and helping them find different ways of coping and doing things.  

At Headington Psychotherapy, we see young people with a variety of problems. These include low mood, anxiety, sleep problems and obsessional problems.  Sometimes people want to come and talk about how a physical health problem is affecting them.  Some young people recognise that they are struggling emotionally in school and want to do something about it.

Interested in trying talking therapy? At our first meeting we will work on understanding how things are from your point of view. We will share what we have understood with you, checking that it feels right to you, and together we will think about ways you may be able to take things forward. You might want to reflect on what we have discussed and leave it there. Alternatively, you may feel it will help to book some further sessions. Again, we encourage you to think about what is right for you. It is important for us that if we go ahead with therapy you ‘own’ the work we do and feel free to share your experience of it with us.   

Parents of Younger Children

Younger children can struggle too.  Often as parents we become concerned when they don't do something we naturally expect them too, such as managing bedtime dryness. Sometimes we become concerned when they seem different compared to their friends.  Being a parent is difficult and naturally can be confusing at times.  At Headington Psychotherapy, you can talk through your concerns with an experienced family therapist and clinical psychologist, with many years of experience helping parents manage these type of difficulties.  You can decide whether you think it would be helpful to include your child initially in these appointments.  A combination of emotional understanding and advice from an experienced professional can often be enough to change the dynamics that have become difficult so that things can move things forward.