We provide individual, family and couple therapy in a comfortable, private setting in Headington, Oxford. We are experienced professionals who have trained in more than one model of therapy. We try to use the best of different approaches to meet your needs. James works mainly from a psychodynamic and humanistic base, Chantalle from an integration of cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic approaches and David from a broadly psychodynamic perspective. Gillian works from a family therapy and systemic perspective as well as offering cognitive behavioural therapy*.

In practice, we use the techniques that we believe are best suited to you. We regularly request that you give us honest feedback on your progress and how you are finding the work with us. This is so that throughout therapy we can tailor our approach to your unique situation in order to help you get the most out of your investment in therapy.

* Very briefly, for those for whom these terms may be unfamiliar: ‘Psychodynamic’ therapy has a focus on our history of relationships and how relationships have shaped the ways we cope with our emotions and the ways we connect to ourselves and others. The goal is to have a ‘corrective emotional experience’ in therapy. ‘Humanistic’ therapy emphasises the innate tendency people have to grow emotionally and stresses the value of empathic listening, and the healthy expression of emotions. ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ is based on exploring and testing out beliefs that contribute to psychological problems. It tends to involve a practical focus on monitoring and challenging unhelpful assumptions. ‘Systemic’ therapy involves exploring and working with the patterns of communication in families, couples and groups and is used particularly in family and couple therapy work. In practice, there are many overlapping elements in these approaches, but they also have distinctive assumptions and practices.