(BSc (Hons), DClinPsych)

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

David approaches psychotherapy as a collaborative venture, focussing on the client’s goals and working from the start to foster an empowering relationship. The intention is for the client to feel enabled to face areas of difficulty with a strong sense of compassion, concern and hope. This requires moment to moment attention to emotions, anxieties and typical coping responses. In this way we can clarify which responses help and which hurt, hold us back and keep us feeling stuck, frustrated and demoralised. To relinquish hurtful coping strategies opens up the possibility of emotional freedom and personal growth, enabling us to have more energy, clarity and more purposeful engagement with life.

 David studied Psychology at the University of Surrey obtaining a BSc (Hons) in 1993. Following several years of working in different NHS settings as an Assistant Psychologist, David then undertook Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, graduating in Oxford in 2000. Since this time he has worked full time in NHS Adult Psychological Services, specialising in Psychotherapy, and currently works as a Principal Clinical Psychologist.